Крупнейшее сообщество русскоязычных фаундеров в Европе

Alex Pospekhov
Startup scout - MISSION:TECH
A successful entrepreneur and strategic communication expert with a public service background for international diplomatic bodies and vast experience in capital raise, especially in early-stage companies, focusing on DLT, fintech, legal-tech & emerging financial technologies.
Alex oversees our affairs with government bodies, agencies & officials.
Alexander Rugaev
Business Development Officer - MISSION:TECH
Alexander is a serial entrepreneur who has been doing online business for over 15 years and has been making strategic investments at the cutting edge of the fintech world since 2014.
He is an expert in fundraising, crowdfunding, digital marketing, brand development, startups launch, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer lending.He has used his experience and insights to consult fintech startups who have collectively raised over USD $150,000,000, including INS Ecosystem, Blackmoon Crypto, SONM, TAAS, Chronobank, and SingularityNET. In MISSION:TECH he covers our global network of partners & clients all around the globe.
Elena Aster
Venture Producer
Graduated from Aerophysics and Space Research Faculty of MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), holds Master degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Received MBA ARTS & Business.
Since 2010 is actively engaged in entrepreneurship, in 2017 started investment activities in high technology industry on AI, Power&Energy, AR/VR, Big Data, MedTech & Pharm and other high-tech flows.

Entered the TOP 20 most promising women in the venture and startup industry according to SLON magazine.

Works with private Chinese and South Asia Investors and VCs to build bridge between Russian/Post Soviet Union countries best technologies bringing them to the international market.
Konstantin Siniushin
MP - the Untitled ventures
An eminent Russian serial IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of several well-known companies, which were sold to strategic investors: Software AG, EMC Corp. and EPAM Systems. Russian business-angel in the sphere of Internet and mobile solutions, placed on top of venture rating systems.
Став частью нашего комьюнити, стартап получает доступ к приватным чатам и платформе, которые можно использовать для работы и общения с инвесторами и другими предпринимателями. Наш нетворкинг — не только коммуникация в мессенджере. Мы проводим и посещаем митапы и конференции, где знакомим фаундеров с представителями фондов и акселераторов, помогая развиваться на новом рынке ещё быстрее.